Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe Lending His Voice for "The Simpsons"

This was a wish he had for a long time and is finally here, Daniel will be lending his voice for one particular upcoming episode of "The Simpsons".
Executive producer Al Jean has revealed that the "Harry Potter" star will take part in a "Twilight" parody as part of the next "Treehouse of Horror XXI" episode.

"Daniel was very excited to do The Simpsons," Jean shared, "and we kept trying to ask him for secrets from the upcoming 'Harry Potter' movie until we realized that they were all in the books." It is further explained that the 20-year-old will provide voice to a kid vampire character named Edmund whom Lisa falls for in the episode to be aired in fall 2010. The segment will see Edmund's father, Dracula, and Homer try to pull the two apart.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe narrates 'HMD 2010: The Legacy of Hope'

Daniel has recorded the narration for the 2010 Holocaust Memorial Day short film Legacy of Hope. The Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) is the international day of remembrance in the UK for the victims of the Holocaust and of other genocides.

Dan has this to say about his participation in this proejct:

"When I was approached to narrate this short film, The Legacy of Hope, I felt very privileged. I felt that in a very small way I was contributing to the remembrance of these tragic and horrendous events, whilst also commemorating all those people who refused to let the horrors they had lived through dictate the tone of the rest of their lives.

The surest shield we have against future atrocities is our knowledge and our emotional understanding of what has happened in the past. The chance to help the vital work done by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust could not be turned down."

Carly Whyborn, Chief Executive Officer, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, said this about Dan's participation in this project:

“We are delighted that Daniel Radcliffe is once again lending his support to HMD. With this year's theme - The Legacy of Hope – it is entirely fitting that Daniel, who is so well known amongst younger audiences, has narrated our film, which will be shown at HMD events across the UK. Through the film, people will have the opportunity to listen to the memories of survivors like Ben, Lily and Iby and think about what action they can take after HMD which will have a positive impact on their community.”

This short film can be watch in this link: HMD

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!

Hello friends, I'm sorry I step away from the blog for a few months, I was SUPER busy @ work and with personal issues, but I'm finally back and ready to continue with this blog...

Thanks for the support!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dan Happy 20th B-Day!!!!

Best wishes and have a wonderful time!!!!

(I have lots of rave reviews, way too many about 200..I will post those in a few days!!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dan on BTS with Regis and Kelly

This is a fabulous video of Dan interacting with fans after his presentation on the Regis and Kelly...this shows how fun, lovely and well manner this guys is, enjoy it!

Dan and Emma Interview Videos

Dan on NBC Today

Emma on the Early Show

Dan on Regis and Kelly

Emma on Regis and Kelly

Dan on 'Late Show with David Letterman'

Emma on 'Late Show with David Letterman'

Daniel at Alexa Chung Part 1

Daniel at Alexa Chung! Part 2

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cute Article and Video of Dan with an 11 and 9 year old Interviewers

Here we have a cute article and a cute video showing the best of Dan among kids.

The New York Entertaiment has a nice article call "Daniel Radcliffe Aces Interview With Terrified 11-Year-Old Reporter," here is a bit of this article:

"Emma Watson and Rupert Grint may have momentarily distracted the world by flashing their underwear and contracting swine flu (respectively), but at Thursday's New York premiere for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Daniel Radcliffe was on an impressive charm offensive that made it clear which of the three is still going to be making bank when he's fifty. We watched as he moved down the carpet, joking about his height, laughing at the sexual tension and drug-use allusions in the film, and gamely imagining who would win a battle between wizards and vampires ("Wizards! Vampires have to get near a wizard to kill him and we’d be able to keep our distance"). And he certainly got on our good side by telling us he wants to be back on Broadway in two or three years and is even taking tap lessons to get ready ("So far it's just a bit of shuffling... If I do a musical I want to be proper! Tap dance is so cool!"). But it was his completely adorable interaction with a terrified 11-year-old reporter from Scholastic News that won us over for good. Imagine half a dozen pushy TV reporters shoving their mikes in Radcliffe's face as he zeroes in on a little girl holding her microphone with both hands, voice shaking so much she can hardly form sentences." (To read the entire article click HERE

And lastly we have a wonderful video of Dan stoping by this 9 year old interviewer at the HP premier, he was as always charming and very lovely with thi kids...

Dan and Emma New Pictures

There are some stunning new pictures of both Dan and Emma from different outlets...enjoy them.